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Fine Motor Skills Task Box Freebie!

free fine motor skills task box activity - playdough activity cards

If you’re looking for ways to integrate fine motor activities into your school day, I’ve got something for you! As I discussed in this earlier post (and again here), making time for activities that strengthen fine motor skills is so important in any early childhood classroom. As academics and technology have been pushed down into earlier grades, some of the play activities that naturally develop motor skills have been displaced. Teachers must be very purposeful in their planning to ensure that they are educating the whole child in a balanced and age-appropriate way. With this in mind, I designed Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes (see them here or read more about them here) that can be used by young children independently throughout the year. These boxes allow children to engage in fun, hands-on activities while strengthening their little fingers and practicing age-appropriate skills.

If you’d like to try a fine motor task for free, keep reading!

free fine motor skills task box activity - playdough activity cards

My Fine Motor Task Skills Task Boxes are self-contained activities that fit into pencil boxes. Each activity was designed to use materials that teachers tend to have on hand. Because these activities are simple and include picture directions, they are perfect for students to work on independently. This makes them ideal activities for morning work or early finishers. Many children even pick these activities during free choice times!

In my TPT store and in the My Happy Place website shop, you can find a variety of fine motor sets, but I have just created one new activity that you can have for free when you subscribe to my email list. (I will use your email address to send you occasional newsletters filled with ideas and resources. I will never sell or give your address to anyone else, and you can unsubscribe at any time.) Scroll to the bottom to sign up right away, or keep reading to see what you’ll get.

Playdough Creations Fine Motor Task Box

free fine motor skills task box activity - playdough activity cards

This task box activity includes a box label, a picture instructions card, and 16 playdough task cards. The task cards are numbered and can be attached with a binder ring. The first cards have students practice making simple shapes with playdough (a ball, a snake, a disk…) and subsequent cards have them use those shapes to make more complicated models. These cards help children build their confidence, which allows their creativity to really flow!

free fine motor skills task box activity - playdough activity cards

To put the box together, simply print the label, instruction card, and task cards onto cardstock, laminate them, and cut them out. Then, punch a hole in each task card and connect them (in order) with a binder ring. Attach the label to the top of a pencil box and the instruction card to the inside of the lid. You can use tape or hot glue to attach these, or if you think you might like to switch out the activity later in the year, Velcro is a great option. Put the task cards and a small container of playdough into the box, and you’re ready to go!

free fine motor skills task box activity - playdough activity cards
free fine motor skills task box activity - playdough activity cards

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Here in the My Happy Place website shop, you can build your own money-saving fine motor bundle! Or, if you’d prefer to shop on TPT, find the complete bundle here.

images of fine motor task boxes

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  2. I'm curious on how you store them.i have the bundle and am currently putting a bunch together. Do you have a label for the side so you know what you are reaching for?

  3. I don't have a label for the side, Heather, but that's a great idea. I will work on a file of side labels and will add it to the bundle when I finish. If you'd like me to email you when I add it, send me a quick note at susan@myhappyplaceteaching.com and I will let you know when I finish. Thanks!

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