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Comparing Numbers 0-5: Pumpkin Freebies in Digital & Print!

Comparing Numbers 0-5 Pumpkin Activities

Here we are in October of what is anything but a typical school year in most places. Whether you are teaching in-person with extra safety protocols, completely virtually through a screen, or some combination of the two, you have surely faced a variety of brand new challenges this school year. I’d like to make this month just a tiny bit easier for you by giving you some free resources for teaching students to compare numbers using words like greater, less, and equal.

Free Digital and Print Resources

Digital Comparing Numbers Resource with Video - FREE

I’ve put together a digital activity that I’ve pre-loaded into three platforms: Boom, Seesaw, and Google Slides. (If you haven’t tried Boom Cards yet, and want to learn about them, here’s a post that will fill you in.) This activity includes an instructional video (great to share with asynchronous students) and several interactive slides for practice. Each task includes audio instructions, so students should be able to work on these independently.

Comparing Numbers within 5
Comparing Numbers 0-5 with Pumpkins
Printable Center Game for Comparing NumbersFor those of you who are working with students face to face or who are providing physical materials to students at home, I’ve also put together some simple, pumpkin-themed printable activities for comparing numbers.
Dry erase center game for comparing numbers
These activities can be used in dry erase sleeves or page protectors and are great as an independent center. For children who are just beginning to understand comparing numbers, have them use counters (pumpkin erasers or table scatter are fun, but circle counters or pompoms also work), along with a single die. Students will roll a die, count a set of counters and write the number on the work mat. They will repeat this for the other section, then will circle the number that is greater. I’ve included a color and black and white version of this work mat.


For children who are ready to move beyond the concrete, I have included a work mat that allows students to simply roll, write numbers, and circle the greater number without the use of counters. I’ve also included two printable worksheets (one for circling the greater number and one for circling the lesser number. 

You can download the links to the digital sets right here, and the printable PDF right here. Enjoy!


More October Learning

I hope your October is full of all kinds of fun. I’m linking some of my thematic fall resources below–hopefully you’ll find something useful!
Thanks for reading and happy October! 🎃🍁🍂

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