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Butterfly Symmetry Activity: Free Pattern Blocks Fine Motor Activity!

I’m just popping in with a quick post to share a new (& free) activity for you! Spring has sprung here in Georgia, where I am, and the pollinators are flitting from flower to flower. If you are teaching a butterfly theme this spring, you might want to grab this butterfly symmetry activity to add to your Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes collection! Activities like this one have a host of benefits, including building spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, dexterity, perseverance, and math sense. Plus, they are a lot of fun for young children!

Butterfly Symmetry Activity for Kindergarten and First Grade - Pattern Blocks Puzzles

This butterfly symmetry activity, housed in the My Happy Place Free Resource Library, includes three play options and can be used alone or as part of your task box rotation. This activity is a wonderful way to integrate math and fine motor development into your spring butterfly theme!

When teaching about the parts of a butterfly, children may notice that the wings of these beautiful insects sometimes have intricate patterns that are the same on both sides. This is a great time to introduce the math vocabulary word “symmetrical.” Encourage your students to think about other things they can see that are symmetrical to give them lots of chances to practice this new word!

As your students explore the concept of symmetry as it relates to butterflies, you may want to show them pictures of different species of butterflies. This collection of butterfly videos includes several with cool photos (and one that is just about symmetry)!

You might also want to try out a symmetry art project! A painting like this one would make such a fun hallway bulletin board display along with some informational writing!

Then, you’ll be ready to put this pattern block task box into your rotation. Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes are great to use at center time, as early finishers, or as morning work. Kids love that they can work independently on these age-appropriate activities.

Setting Up Your Butterfly Symmetry Activity

This butterfly pattern blocks activity is easy to prepare. First, you’ll need to choose the label and cards you want to print—there are three options included. You might want to have your students build their own symmetrical butterflies from scratch. Another option is to have them find and match the two symmetrical wings and then complete the puzzle cards. The third option is to have them complete one puzzle wing and then build a symmetrical wing on the other side (on a blank card) using the first wing as a guide.

Once you choose and print your labels and cards, consider laminating them for durability. Then, attach the label and instruction card to the lid of a pencil box. (You can use clear tape to do this or consider Velcro™ to make it easy to switch out your task box activities along with your theme.)

Add your laminated cards and a generous selection of pattern blocks, and you’re all set! Your students can work on this activity independently, with partners, or in small groups.

More Pattern Blocks Activities

Many of my Fine Motor Skills Task Box sets include pattern blocks activities. If you want to purchase just the pattern blocks cards from all the sets you can do so on TPT or here in the My Happy Place website shop.

Pattern Blocks Puzzles – Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes


This set of pattern blocks puzzles includes 68 pattern block mats (52 puzzle cards and 16 pattern block counting cards) that are taken from all the other Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes sets.

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More Butterfly Resources

Head over to my Keeping Them Curious: Butterfly Edition post to get quick links to various butterfly ideas and resources.

Keeping Them Curious: Butterfly Edition

Thanks so much for reading! You can find the free butterfly symmetry activity in the free resource library. I hope it helps you enrich your butterfly theme this spring!

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