Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Writing Craft


Focus on friendship this February with a “bear-y” cute Valentine’s Day bulletin board writing craft! This set includes lots of options for printing and differentiation.

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This Valentine’s Day writing craft makes an adorable February bulletin board display! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to work on social-emotional skills with primary students. This Valentine’s Day bulletin board writing craft focuses on friendship. Students write and/or draw to show ways that they can be good friends.

To begin this activity, have students brainstorm ways that they can be good friends. Discuss and record their thoughts on a chart. Follow up with the writing craft. Student work can be displayed along with the included printable letters to spell, “We can be BEAR-Y good friends!”


This Valentine’s Day writing craft helps students practice:

✔ composing and writing sentences

✔ following directions using spatial reasoning

✔ social skills


What’s included in this Valentine’s Day bulletin board set?

This cute Valentine’s Day bear craft set takes your students from pre-writing to presentation!

Here’s what’s included:

Brainstorming Chart Materials: Use this chart header (color and black and white included) to make a brainstorming anchor chart with your students. Have them think about ways that they can be good friends. This chart will get their wheels turning and will serve as a support as they write.

Writing Craft Materials: Printable materials are included for two different versions of this activity.

•Option 1: This simple color, write, and cut activity uses just one sheet of white paper.

•Option 2: For this version, print the parts of the bear on white or brown paper and the heart on red or pink. After writing on their template (white paper), students cut each part out and assemble their bear using glue.

For each option, three writing templates are included. Students may draw (and dictate), draw and write, or just write.

Bulletin Board Materials: Bulletin board letters to spell “We are BEAR-Y good friends!” are included in three formats. For colored or white lettering, print the outline-only version on the paper of your choice. For black letters, print the solid black letters. For easier cutting, print the boxed letters on your choice of paper.


How do I use This Valentine’s Day bulletin board craft?

Begin with a discussion about the characteristics of good friends. Have students connect to the activity by remembering times when they or someone else was a good friend. Encourage students to think of specific examples and to talk about how those events made them feel. Next, using chart paper headed with the question, “How can I be a good friend?” have students dictate sentences beginning with “I can…”

After the brainstorming session, students are ready to write. Provide the students with a writing template that is appropriate for their literacy level. Some students may be at a stage where working on a detailed drawing and dictating their sentence is a good fit, while others may be best served by drawing and writing their own sentence. If you would rather focus on longer writing, choose the option without a space for drawing. You may also consider having students copy a final draft onto this page after working on a separate sheet of paper if your students are learning to revise their writing.

When students finish writing, they can complete their craft by coloring or by cutting and assembling their bear.

Finally, create a fun February bulletin board by displaying the completed bears with the words, “We are BEAR-Y good friends!”


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