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Build your own thematic units bundle by choosing the units you’d like to include. Choose between 4-15 units to include in your bundle.

Save 10% on 4-8 thematic units, save 20% on 9-13 thematic units, and save 30% when you bundle 14 or 15 thematic units. 

Scroll down to see all the options and to read about the units. Adjust the quantity to “0” on units you wish to exclude from the bundle. The price at the bottom will adjust to your total based on the units you have selected.

Apples Unit with PowerPoint

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Pumpkins Unit with PowerPoint

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Spiders Unit with PowerPoint

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Bats and Owls Unit with PowerPoint

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Turkeys Unit with PowerPoint

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Reindeer Unit with PowerPoint

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Penguins Unit with PowerPoint

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Arctic Animals Unit with PowerPoint

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American Symbols Unit with PowerPoint

$6.00 (before discount)

Presidents' Day Unit with PowerPoint

$5.50 (before discount)

Frogs Unit with PowerPoint

$6.00 (before discount)

Butterfly Unit with PowerPoint

$6.00 (before discount)

Plant Unit with PowerPoint

$6.50 (before discount)

Five Senses Unit with PowerPoint

$6.00 (before discount)

Map Skills Unit with PowerPoint

$6.50 (before discount)


Keep your students excited about learning all year long with these informational thematic units for kindergarten and first grade! Each of the 15 units in this set includes a nonfiction PowerPoint slideshow full of eye-catching photos and clear informational text. In addition, with each theme comes a PDF packed full of printable teaching tools and activities.

Bundle and save! Select between four and 15 themes to include in your custom bundle.

What does this bundle of thematic units include?

This custom bundle includes up to 15 thematic units. Each unit contains an informational PowerPoint slideshow and a variety of printable content specific to its theme. You’ll find materials such as vocabulary posters, word wall cards, anchor chart headings and examples, thematic organizers and lined paper for informational writing, worksheets and printable books with theme-specific practice, crafts, headband templates, science experiments, original thematic poems and songs, and more! These thematic units are designed to engage the curiosity of kindergarten and first-grade students and provide them with many opportunities for informational writing.

Please see the individual descriptions for more information about the contents of each unit.

The included thematic units are:




Bats and Owls




Arctic Animals

Presidents’ Day

American Symbols




Map Skills

Five Senses

While each unit is structured similarly, the contents vary somewhat based on what is most appropriate to each theme. This chart compares the contents of the units.

chart comparing the contents of each of the 15 thematic units in the bundle


How can I use these thematic units in my classroom?

Each theme includes a nonfiction slideshow that can be used as you would use a read-aloud book. These slideshows, paired with the provided anchor chart frameworks, set your students up to access and build on their prior knowledge. As you begin each unit, display and discuss the thematic vocabulary. Model referring to and using these words as you talk and write about the theme. Then, choose from the numerous included printable activities to provide your students with a rich, immersive experience. These thematic units all have the same basic structure, allowing for a consistent instructional style throughout the year.


What Teachers Are Saying:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I started by buying the Bats & Owls Unit and the Arctic Animal Unit…I just purchased the entire bundle because they are fantastic! A wonderful resource to have and use throughout the year! Thank you!” –Jennifer R.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I have a K-1 combo and I feel like there is a good variety of materials in each pack to work with different levels of learners. I love the PowerPoints for each section. Awesome!” –Kristin F.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This was well worth every penny. I wish that I would have purchased this earlier in the year. It was such a time saver, practical, and useful for the K learning standards. The students were very intrigued and enjoyed practicing higher-order comprehension skills while writing.” –Tricia C.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This has been one of the best purchases I have made. I love the PowerPoint and the supporting unit that goes with each topic. Thank you for putting this bundle together and doing all the hard work for me.” –Peggy M.


If you have any questions about these thematic units, email or use the contact form on this site.

Thank you for shopping!

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