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Help your kindergarten students master those tricky teens with this collection of teen numbers worksheets and teaching materials.

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Help your kindergarten students master those tricky teens with this collection of teen numbers worksheets and teaching materials. This set is designed to support your students as they learn to compose and decompose teen numbers and build an understanding of teen numbers as a group of ten with some extra ones.

Perfect for follow-up to whole- and small-group instruction, these teen numbers materials can be used as independent practice, morning work, or homework. With more than 50 worksheets plus “I Can” statements, ten-frame work mats, teaching tips, and more, this set will give you what you need to bring your kindergartners to mastery of this challenging math concept.


What does this teen numbers set include?

This kindergarten math set is designed to give students meaningful and repeated practice with the numbers 11-20. It includes:

✔ Illustrated “I Can” Statements (Aligned to CCSS) and a Teen Numbers Poster
These six statements are written in child-friendly language and are useful for providing a focus point for each lesson. These statements are aligned to the Common Core Counting and Cardinality and Number and Operations in Base Ten standards. The included poster defines teen numbers as “a group of ten and some more ones.”

✔ “Turn and Talk” Activity Cards
Each of these nine cards provides an oral language prompt to promote the development of math vocabulary and to give students experience with explaining their thinking and reasoning.

✔ “Move and Learn” Activity Cards
Each of these nine cards includes a movement activity that allows students to engage their bodies while practicing a teen numbers concept. These activities are great for carpet time, transitions, and for quick review throughout the year.

✔ Teen Numbers Ten Frames Matching Cards
These cards can be used in several ways. Place them in a pocket chart center for early finishers, print them on card stock for partners to play a memory-matching game, or print out a set for a struggling student to take home.

✔ Printable Ten Frames and Teacher Tips
Hands-on practice is important! These printable ten frames and included activity ideas give students opportunities for concrete practice with the numbers 11-20. Two versions of the double ten-frame mats are included, with and without space for an equation, and both are included in color and black and white versions.

✔ Printable Worksheets
Over 50 printable worksheets give teachers options for differentiation, review, and assessment in addition to the repeated practice students need to build mastery. See the descriptions below.

3 Focused Worksheets per Number 11-20
These practice pages give students experiences with a variety of ways to represent the numbers 11-20. See the preview file for examples of each sheet.

3 Color-by-Number Pages
These pages feature a simple picture that is labeled with pictures of cubes and a color code with corresponding numerals.

5 Count and Write Pages
These worksheets give students practice at counting pictures, ten frames, fingers, and base ten blocks and then writing the corresponding teen numbers.

2 Count and Draw Pages
These pages require students to draw circles to match the teen number printed on the page.

2 Cut and Glue Pages
These sheets have students work on sequencing and composing teen numbers by cutting and gluing pieces into the correct spots.

2 Counting On Pages
Here students practice counting on from a given teen number. This builds number sense and is a prerequisite skill for addition.

6 Composing/Decomposing Teen Numbers Pages
Using equations, ten frames, and number bonds, these pages help students see teen numbers as a group of ten and some extra ones, giving them a foundation for place value understanding.

3 Draw and Solve Pages
Each of these pages includes a simple teen numbers word problem for students to solve with a picture and an equation.

Alternative Pages
These pages are adapted versions of some of the previous pages. These adapted pages do not include the operational symbols +, -, and =, and may be useful to teachers who do not introduce those symbols until later in the year.


How to Use These Kindergarten Teen Numbers Printables:

The materials included in this kindergarten math set can be used to supplement your teaching of teen numbers standards (Number and Operations in Base Ten) for the numbers 11-20. The “Turn and Talk” and “Move and Learn” activity cards are great for using as part of your whole-group lessons when introducing a standard. The matching ten-frame cards and double ten-frame mats are useful as a warm-up before a lesson, as a quick review at closing, or for more intensive work with a small group. The printable worksheets can be used in many ways. Sometimes you will want your students to simply take a page to their seat and complete it independently for practice. Other times, you might wish to differentiate by choosing different pages for some students or by pulling some students to work in a small teacher-led group while others complete the same work on their own. Finally, you may wish to use some of the pages as assessments to inform your future instruction.


What teachers are saying about this teen numbers unit:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “It is so hard to find resources for teen numbers that are engaging for kindergarten students. Teen numbers are so complicated at first, so when I found this, I knew I needed to purchase it. The worksheets are engaging and easy for students to complete independently. There is enough to keep students engaged for 15-20 minutes at a time.” —Morgan T.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Fabulous resource! My favorite part was the movement/talking cards. My kinders really enjoyed this resource. I will be using it every year!” —Amber S.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This amazing resource helped my students understand the teen numbers on a deeper level. After instruction, these exercises were used as independent practice.” —Nell Z.


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