Reindeer Activities for Winter and Christmas Parties


Perfect for those hectic days before your holiday break, this Reindeer Games set includes a variety of engaging reindeer activities.


Perfect for those hectic days before your holiday break, this Reindeer Games set includes a variety of engaging reindeer activities. These activities, designed to be enjoyed by students in kindergarten and first grade, are not specific to Christmas or any other holiday. In this set, you’ll find fun activities for students to complete individually, in small groups, and as a whole class.


These reindeer activities are perfect for:

✔ Classroom Parties

✔ Theme Days

✔ Fun Fridays

✔ Indoor Recess

✔ And filling those crazy pre-break days!


What’s included in this reindeer activities set?

This Reindeer Games set includes fun independent activities and engaging group games that will keep your students busy and happy as the clock ticks toward winter break!

Here’s what’s included:

Word Searches: 5 CVC word hunts, each hiding six words with the same short vowel

Directed Drawing: A six-step directed drawing of a simple reindeer

Coloring Sheets: 2 reindeer coloring sheets with optional lined writing paper to print on the back

Dot-to-Dots: 2 reindeer connect the dots pictures, one with numbers 1-20 and one with letters A-Z

Mazes: 3 mazes with varying levels of difficulty (color version included for use in write-and-wipe pockets)

Roll-a-Reindeer: dice game for multiple players

Reindeer BINGO: 30 BINGO cards, each with the numbers 1-20 – also includes a Google Slides file with directions to project

Pin the Nose on the Reindeer: traditional party game with a reindeer twist – printable poster and noses included


How do I use these Reindeer Games activities?

As you work toward the December holiday break, these activities make excellent time-fillers to keep students focused and engaged. The mazes, dot-to-dots, directed drawing page, word searches, and coloring pages are great for students to use as early finishers. They are also so helpful to have on hand for indoor recess days. If you have write-and-wipe sleeves and dry-erase markers, the mazes, dot-to-dots, and word searches make a very quick and waste-free activity for students to complete as a center.

The Roll-a-Reindeer game is a fun turn-taking activity for a small group. Students practice social skills as well as subitizing as they build a reindeer on their game mat. This is a fun station game and can be a rotation at your holiday party.

To play Reindeer BINGO with your students, print and prep as many cards as you need out of the 30 provided, and find manipulatives you can use as markers. The downloadable PDF file includes a link to a Google Slides file that you can project to model how to play BINGO. This file also makes it easy to keep track of which numbers you’ve already called.

The Pin the Nose on the Reindeer game includes four printable pages to assemble into a big poster. If you’d like to reuse this, make sure to laminate it! This is a fun twist on a traditional party game that your students will enjoy playing at your holiday party. If you have a parent volunteer, this would be a perfect station for them to supervise.



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