Penguin CVC Words Activities


This set of penguin CVC words activities includes word searches, puzzles, a BINGO game, and practice pages to help students master CVC words.

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This Penguin CVC Words pack has what you need to give your students engaging and meaningful phonics practice! This set allows students to work on spelling and reading consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words with fun, penguin-themed activities. Inside, you’ll find 14 worksheets, 28 two-part self-checking puzzles, and a small-group spinner BINGO game with six cards.

These penguin CVC words activities are perfect for:

✔ independent seatwork

✔ small group instruction

✔ literacy centers


What’s included in this penguin CVC words set?

This penguin CVC words set includes engaging independent activities that will help your little learners hone their blending and segmenting skills.

Here’s what’s included:

CVC Worksheets: Each worksheet format includes at least two versions. This allows teachers to use one for assessment or independent practice after using the first in an instructional manner. This collection of worksheets includes word searches, cut and glue matching pages, cut and glue short vowel sorts, and more. See the preview file for more detail!

Two-Part Puzzles: These self-checking CVC puzzles allow students to practice matching pictures with consonant-vowel-consonant words. Twenty-eight puzzles are included in this set. For best results, print these onto card stock and laminate them for durability.

Small Group Spinner BINGO: To play this game, students take turns spinning the spinner (use the pencil/paperclip method or a clear spinner overlay) to determine which word players should mark on their cards. The cards contain nine words, which allows for quick gameplay. This is a great warm-up activity for small reading groups!


How do I use these CVC activities?

Incorporate CVC words into your penguins unit! The worksheets in this set can be used for CVC word practice in a whole group or small group setting. The directions are simple to allow for independent work. With at least two sheets per format, these are also useful for assessing students’ understanding of reading and spelling CVC words.

The CVC puzzles make a simple literacy center. To prep the puzzles, print on card stock and laminate before cutting. Each puzzle has a slightly different cut to make the puzzles self-checking. You may wish to only make available a portion of the puzzles at a time, so students don’t become overwhelmed with the number of pieces.

The spinner BINGO is meant to be played with a small group of 2-6 students. In addition to the laminated spinner and game cards, students will need marking counters of some sort and either a paper clip and a pencil or a spinner overlay. To play, students take turns spinning a picture. The students then look for the word that matches the picture on their card. (Each card contains nine words, and the spinner has ten, so most of the words are on each card.) When a student marks three words in a row, the game ends. Consider introducing this game as a warm-up in a small group and then allowing students to play during centers.


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