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Building number sense in young children is easy with this pack of 12 different types of math flashcards. These subitizing cards will help your students identify quantities quickly and will build their confidence, fluency, and understanding of numbers.


Building number sense in young children is easy with this pack of 12 different types of math flashcards. These math subitizing cards will help your students identify quantities quickly and will build their confidence, fluency, and understanding of numbers. Packed with various representations of numbers, this set is designed to help students learn to see numbers in different ways and to develop an awareness of combinations of numbers.

These cards are also included in a digital format with a link to a Google Slides file containing each card (over 300 slides!).

What’s included in this math subitizing cards set?

This download includes a PDF file containing 12 sets of printable flashcards and a link to a Google Slides file containing the same cards in digital form. The PDF includes directions for accessing and using the digital file so teachers can create custom decks of digital cards to display in the classroom.

Here’s what’s included:

✔ 0-30 Base Ten Numeral/Number Word Flashcards
These are particularly helpful for helping students understand teen numbers. Each card has a numeral, images of the corresponding number of base ten blocks, and a number word. (Half-Page Size)

✔ Subitizing Dot Cards Three Sets with Various Formations of 1-10 Dots
These are great for establishing number sense! Hold up a card and have students match the quantity with their fingers and/or say the number aloud. (Quarter-Page Size)

✔ Number Word Cards (0-10) (Quarter-Page Size)

✔ Numeral Cards (0-30) (Quarter-Page Size)

✔ Ten Frames
These cards have 1-10 dots in a single ten frame as well as 11-20 dots in double ten frames. (Quarter-Page Size)

✔ Number Composition Ten Frames
These ten frames show various combinations of red and blue dots, making the numbers 1-10. (Quarter-Page Size)

✔ Two-Hand Ten Frames
Have the children match the card with their fingers (one side for each hand). To extend this activity, have the students state a number combination and total. For example, “three, two, five,” or “three plus two equals five.” (Quarter-Page Size)

✔ Two-Sided Teen Number Cards
Fold these cards in half to make two-sided flashcards. These cards help children see teen numbers as a group of ten with some extra ones. They also help children see the connection between the concrete model with dots and the more abstract numerical expression. (Half-Page Size)

✔ Rekenrek Cards (0-20)
These single and double rekenrek cards are useful for pairing with physical rekenreks for practice with counting and automaticity. (These cards are included in quarter-page and half-page sizes.)

✔ Counting Finger Cards (0-10)
These cards support students as they learn to connect their subitizing skills with their fingers. (These cards are included in quarter-page and half-page sizes.)

✔ Dice Cards (1-12)
Subitizing with dice helps students build the ability to quickly quantify dots on a common math tool. (Quarter-Page Size)

✔ Tally Mark Cards (1-20)
Tally marks are a quick way to keep track of quantities. These cards are useful for matching and subitizing. (Quarter-Page Size)

✔ Cut-Apart Numeral Cards (0-20)
These very small cards are great for student use and for home practice.

✔ Student Ten Frames
These simple blank ten frames are useful to have on hand for students to use with manipulatives.

How do I use these number sense flashcards?


With Your Whole Class:

The flashcards in this set can be used in a whole group setting as part of a daily number sense routine. When gathered on the carpet, use these cards to help students develop their subitizing skills. When showing a card to the group, consider having the students do one or more of the following: call out the number, match the number with their fingers, say the number, and then do and count that many actions (jumps, arm circles, claps, etc.). To encourage participation by all, you may wish to teach students to “hold their answer in their head” for a few seconds and say it when you give a signal (such as a thumbs up). This wait time keeps children who need a moment to process from becoming discouraged.

During transition times in line (restroom breaks, etc.) show dot cards to students and have them match the quantity of dots with their fingers.

These cards are also useful as a “ticket out the door.” Show each student a card as they leave the classroom and have them tell or show the number.

With a Small Group:

These cards can be used as a simple math warm-up in a small group setting. In addition to the activities listed above for whole class, consider having students use small whiteboards (or chalkboards) to quickly write the number you show. Alternatively, provide each student with a ten frame and counters and have them model the number you show.

In a Math Center:

Students can use these cards independently as a center activity in a few ways. For a matching activity, choose two sets of the smaller cards (for example, blue dot cards 1-10 and counting finger cards 1-10). Students can work on matching these cards in a pocket chart or on a flat surface. Two or more children can also play a memory-matching game.

Using manipulatives such as connecting cubes, links, or any counters, students can practice making sets to match any of the cards.

Using a math journal or whiteboard, students can select a card and then draw a math picture to show another representation of the number displayed on the card.

What Teachers Are Saying About These Math Subitizing Cards:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “These have been great to use for a quick math review each morning with the class at the beginning of first grade, and throughout the year with my lower group.” -Suzanne J.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “We used these subitizing flashcards during transitions. It was nice to have a resource readily available to use when we had extra time throughout the day. These flashcards were engaging for ALL students. They were excited to see what number might be next on each flashcard. We have used these flashcards and had great number talks during math. Thank you for creating this resource!” -Amanda D.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I love love, love this. I really like the clean look of the cards – not too visually stimulating and very clear. I think it’s brilliant to include the base ten blocks in the numbers, especially in the tens place. Great resource!” -Kimberly L.


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