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This frog-themed CVC words center includes 14 worksheets, 40 two-part self-checking puzzles, and answer strips for students to use when checking their work. You will download one PDF.

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If you’re looking for CVC words activities with a frog theme that will give your students the independent practice they need, this pack has what you need! This set allows students to work on spelling and reading consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words with engaging, frog-themed CVC puzzles and follow-up practice pages. Inside, you’ll find 14 worksheets, 40 two-part self-checking puzzles, and answer strips for students to use when checking their work.

These frog CVC activities are perfect for:

✔ literacy centers

✔ independent seatwork

✔ small group instruction


What’s included in this CVC words set?

This Frogs CVC Words set includes engaging independent activities that will help your little learners hone their blending and segmenting skills.

Here’s what’s included:

▶ Two-Part Puzzles: These simple matching puzzles are easy to cut and prep! To use these puzzles, students simply match pictures with CVC words. There are eight puzzles per middle vowel and the puzzles are color-coded for easy organization. These puzzles are included in full color and in black and white.

▶ CVC Worksheets: This set includes 14 follow-up worksheets (which can also be used as recording sheets) that contain the same words as the puzzles. Two pages are included for each vowel—one with a word bank and one without. There are also four mixed practice pages with all five vowels (two with word banks and two without). These pages can be used as independent practice, homework, recording sheets, or assessments!

▶ Answer Strips for Self-Checking: To encourage independence, an answer strip for each vowel is included. Students can use these to check their own work or to check a partner’s work. The answer strips are also included in color and in black and white.


How do I use these CVC activities?

Prep the two-part puzzles and answer strips by printing them on cardstock and laminating them before cutting them apart (a paper cutter makes this very easy!). If you choose to use the black and white version, consider printing onto a different color cardstock for each vowel (but the black and white version is also coded with differently patterned borders that you can use for sorting). The puzzles can be stored in gallon-size zip-top bags with the answer strips (or in smaller bags without the answer strips).

To use the puzzles, students simply work to read each CVC word and match it with the correct picture. This is a great literacy center activity. Students can record their work on the follow-up sheets as they go along or can use the pages later for additional practice. If you would like the students to check their work using the included answer strips, teach them the procedure of completing all eight puzzles for a vowel (with the answer strip face down) and then using the strip to check the accuracy of their work.

The mixed practice worksheets are useful as an assessment after your students have become confident in reading and spelling CVC words.


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