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These 2-in-1, low-prep foldable alphabet books give students meaningful, independent practice with just one sheet of paper per letter!

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These 2-in-1, low-prep alphabet activities give students meaningful, independent practice with just one sheet of paper per letter! This set of foldable alphabet books also includes an activity page with a mystery picture for each letter of the alphabet. When you print the foldable book back-to-back with the mystery picture activity page, the students have quite a bit of independent practice on a single piece of paper.

This Alphabet Activities Set Includes:

✔ 26 Foldable Alphabet Books – one for each letter of the alphabet!
These foldable mini-books focus on the most common sound of the letter by giving six examples of words beginning with that sound. (For the letter X, the examples use the /ks/ sound of X at the end of the word, as in fox.)

✔ 26 Mystery Picture Activity Sheets
Each alphabet activity sheet includes a hidden letter coloring activity, handwriting practice, and exposure to the letter in different fonts.

In each alphabet book, the letter is introduced by a character. The characters for each letter are:

A – astronaut
B – bear
C – cat
D – dinosaur
E – elephant
F – firefighter
G – goat
H – horse
I – iguana
J – juggler
K – kangaroo
L – lion
M – mouse
N – narwhal
O – octopus
P – penguin
Q – queen
R – robot
S – snake
T – tiger
U – umpire
V – vet (veterinarian)
W – walrus
X – fox
Y – yak
Z – zebra

How to Use These Alphabet Activities:

Printed back-to-back, these activities are great for independent practice. Before students begin, take a moment to go through the pictures with them and make sure the vocabulary is familiar. Have students complete the activity sheet first by coloring the mystery letter picture, circling the focus letter, and practicing printing.

When they are finished, they should turn the paper over and fold it into a mini-book (this is great fine motor practice!). As students read through the foldable book, they are prompted to trace the focus letter two times and then circle (or color) the pictures on the back that begin with the letter. You may choose to have your students color the front cover as well.

Students love to collect these foldable books to read later. They are also a great way to make a home-school connection when students share with their family members.


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