Early Finishers Fun Boxes – SET 1


This set includes eight simple and engaging space-saving printable activities. These activities can be completed independently or with partners and are ideal for short periods of free time.


Designed to fit into photo storage boxes, these early finishers fun boxes are easy to store, quick to assemble, and great for encouraging positive attitudes about school. Each of these eight busy box activities will fit in a 4” x 6” container and requires few or no additional supplies. Fast to clean up and requiring little introduction, these games work well for indoor recess, early finishers, and as incentives for reaching goals.


What’s included in this early finishers set?

This set includes eight simple and engaging space-saving printable activities. These activities can be completed independently or with partners and are ideal for short periods of free time.

The 8 included activities are:

▶ Spot the Difference
Students closely examine six nearly identical pictures to find the one that has a few small differences. Students can mark their answers with a dry-erase marker or by placing a counter on the card.

▶ Symmetry Pictures
Students use a dry-erase marker to draw the missing half of the picture.

▶ Paper Pals
Students create various outfits for the paper pals by mixing and matching the clothing cards.

▶ Trace and Color
Students lay a sheet of thin white paper (or tracing paper) on a picture card. After tracing the picture, students color their copy with crayons or colored pencils.

(Most copy paper is thin enough that students can see through enough to trace. Check yours before cutting into quarter-size sheets.)

Other options: Have students trace on a light table or against a window or use tracing paper.

▶ Animal Matching
Students play this memory card game with a partner. Players turn all cards face down, mix them up, and arrange them in an array. Players take turns turning two cards over to look for a match. If their two cards do not match, they flip the cards back over and their partner takes a turn. When students make a match, they keep those cards. Play continues until all matches are discovered. The player with the most cards wins.

Print the cards on card stock back-to-back with a patterned page to avoid images showing through.

▶ Road Building
Students use these open-ended puzzle cards to design their own roads. Include one or two small toy cars (Matchbox™ or Hot Wheels™, for example) so children can play with the completed road.

▶ Add the Eyes
Using the idea card as inspiration, students practice drawing cartoon eyes to show various facial expressions.

▶ Dot-to-Dots
Students connect the dots beginning with the number one in order to reveal a picture.

How to Use These Early Finishers Activities:

Any time you want students to have a little fun while keeping quietly and independently occupied, just have them grab a box and get started playing! In addition to being fun for students, these early finisher activities contribute to the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, perseverance, and a positive attitude toward school.

These activities are perfect for:

✔ early finishers

✔ indoor recess

✔ incentives

✔ busy boxes

✔ transition times

✔ after-school programs


Each of these activities is sized to fit in a plastic container designed to hold 4”x 6” photos. They also fit neatly in quart-size zip-top bags. Each activity includes a label and an instruction card. For best results, print the activity pages on card stock and laminate them for durability. Once you have these set up, you can use them year after year!


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