23 End of the Year Songs for Kindergarten Celebrations

Whether you call it a kindergarten graduation, promotion ceremony, or end of the year celebration, there’s a good chance that parents will expect to see their kiddos on a stage singing a tear-jerking song or two as you wrap up the kindergarten school year! This collection of end of the year songs for kindergarten includes some that are sentimental, some that are more upbeat, and others that are specifically about moving on from kindergarten to the next grade. Browse through and see if you can find a few that are perfect for your class! Also, if you have a favorite song that I missed, please leave a comment so others can check it out. 🤗

End of the year songs for kindergarten: Video Roundup

Big thanks to the teachers on the My Happy Place Facebook Page for helping me build this list.

As you read through, note that for many of these end of the year songs, you can find user-made videos with lyrics and/or hand motions on YouTube. When possible, I linked to the official version of the video to honor the work of the original artists.

Sentimental End of the Year Songs for Kindergarten

If you are choosing more than one song for your kindergarten students to sing at their end of the year program or kindergarten graduation, it’s nice to pick one that is sentimental and reminds the audience of how special your little friends are. This section has emotional and nostalgic songs—your kinders will sound so sweet singing them!

If you don’t have a lot of time for browsing, you can safely pick this first song. “One Small Voice” by Jack Hartmann is a tried and true favorite for kindergarten celebrations! This version includes ASL signs and lyrics, making it a one-stop shop.

Another sweet song that kids and parents love is “The World is a Rainbow” by Greg and Steve. This song was written decades ago (in the late 1970’s), but the duo is still active today. The video I’m sharing below isn’t the official video, but is useful because it includes the lyrics.

“I Think You’re Wonderful” is another song that falls into the “oldie, but goody” category. Created in 1986 by Red Grammar, this slow-paced and positive song works nicely as a tribute to the parents and loved one (and teachers) who have supported your students throughout the year. The version I’m sharing below is sung by (and keyed for) children’s voices.

Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” from Toy Story, is a sweet song that recognizes the importance of friendship in kindergarten. Click here for the official version. The video below by Star Kids Music includes sing-along lyrics.

From Disney’s Tarzan (1999), “You’ll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins is a sweet song with lyrics that tug at the heartstrings. Here’s a link to the soundtrack version with Glenn Close and Phil Collins singing. Below is a version that displays the lyrics. Several teachers have reported having their class sing this at their end of the year celebration. I think it would also be a great accompaniment to a slideshow of pictures.

“We Are a Family” is another Jack Hartmann original that is perfect to celebrate the classroom community. This video includes ASL signs and lyrics. A nice thing about this song is that it has some “sing after me” parts, making it easier to learn if you have a tight timeframe.

This Raffi song, “All I Really Need,” holds a special place in my heart because one of my own children sang it at his kindergarten promotion program. ❤️ With lyrics about love and growing up, this song is perfect for the transitional time at the end of kindergarten. You can find the lyrics to “All I Really Need” here.

Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” is another sentimental song that makes for a lovely performance. You can see ASL signs that go along with the lyrics in this video from We Play Along. Below you’ll find Mr. Armstrong singing, but you might also find this cover version in a higher key helpful for children to sing along to.

Energetic End of the Year Songs for Kindergarten

This group includes cute, upbeat, and inspiring songs. They are fun for kids to learn and sing and will have your audience smiling!

When I asked teachers on Facebook which songs their kiddos were singing this year, a few mentioned “It’s a Beautiful Day.” This is another sweet Greg and Steve song (though the videos I found on Facebook tended not to give credit to the duo). This song is uplifting and fast-paced. The video below includes motions that go along with the lyrics. If you search YouTube, you’ll find other videos with motions, so you can pick the one you like best.

“Everything Grows” is another Raffi song that fits well into a kindergarten graduation. This is a fun one for kids to sing, but it would also work well for a photo slideshow.

From Sesame Street, Will.i.am singing “What I Am” along with his Muppet friends is perfect for a kindergarten program! One year I used this song as a brainbreak all year long. By the end of the year, the kids knew it by heart, so it was so easy to use it in our end of the year program! Here’s a version with subtitles to help with learning all the words.

One year, I used this song, “When I Grow Up,” by The Raging Idiots, in a slideshow of the children and what they wanted to be when they grew up. It was really cute! I also found a video of a group of first graders singing it that was pretty cute!

Another great idea for an energetic song is to simply pick a class favorite that you’ve been singing all year. The kids will perform with confidence and will enjoy showing off one of their daily routines to their families! For example, this short Dr. Jean song, “Time to Say Goodbye,” is perfect for the end of the day, but works well at an end of the year program, as well.

End of the Year Songs About Moving On to First Grade

This final section includes songs that are specifically about finishing the year and transitioning to the next grade. Some of these can be tricky if ALL of your students won’t be promoted. Proceed with caution if that’s the case. Choosing a more general “goodbye” type song (rather than a “we’re going to first grade” song) would be a more sensitive choice if any of your students will be repeating kindergarten.

Easy to learn, calming, and sweet, this short song by Super Simple Songs would make a nice conclusion to your end of the year program. “After a While, Crocodile,” is under a minute long, so you might have your students sing it through twice.

“From My Heart to Your Heart” is Jack Hartmann’s graduation song. Written specifically for this occasion, this is a thank you song from the children to those who have supported them.

Here’s another one that was popular among the teachers who responded to my Facebook poll. By Pevan and Sarah, “I’m On My Way” is catchy and fun. This song celebrates the growth your students have made throughout their year.

“ABC You Later” by Sing to Learn is a favorite among kindergarten teachers because it is so simple and age-appropriate. This one is not tough to learn and is fun to watch!

“I’m Ready to Go” by Teacher Michael TV is a popular song for kindergarten programs. There are several videos on YouTube with ideas for motions to go along with this upbeat song. The video below includes the lyrics.

This Dr. Jean song, “We Had a Good Day” works as an end of the year song if you simply switch the word “day” for “year.” This is short and easy to learn. Perfect if you’re running out of time and your days are packed with assessments and other activities!

This cute piggyback song of “New York, New York” has been around for years and is still a fun one for kindergarten promotion celebrations! Here’s a nice recording of “First Grade, First Grade” by EVT Kids.

Here’s another piggyback song, this one to the theme from The Addams Family. This video, by Elementary Music Fun, includes the lyrics to “The Kindergarten Class.”

Piggyback songs are fun because parents recognize the tunes and teachers can tailor the lyrics to their specific class. Here’s one to the tune of “Summer Lovin'” from Grease. This song is specifically about finishing kindergarten and moving on to first grade. Mrs. Wood Music made the helpful video below.

This Catchy song is new to me, but I can see it being a fun one for kids to sing. “Movin’ On To First Grade” by Stuart Stotts and Tom Pease has a lot of words and is fast-paced, so it may be challenging for some groups.

I hope you find something useful in this collection of end of the year songs for kindergarten! Please let me know in the comments if you think of any that I’ve missed. Thanks for reading!

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