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17 Super St. Patrick’s Day Videos for Kindergarten

One of my favorite things about March in Kindergarten is St. Patrick’s Day! Trapping leprechauns provides such a great learning experience, and learning about the holiday builds students’ knowledge base of cultural traditions. This collection of St. Patrick’s Day videos provides a treasure trove (or a pot of gold?) of information and entertainment for your students this March. Use these videos as brain breaks, indoor recess entertainment, lesson supplements, and more!

St. Patrick's Day Videos for Kindergarten

Choose from the collection below to give your little leprechauns the chance to build background knowledge about St. Patrick’s Day Day while experiencing the excitement of the season.

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St. Patrick’s Day Videos: History & Traditions

This section includes St. Patrick’s Day videos that teach young children about the history of the holiday and how it is celebrated. These videos support some social studies standards that relate to holidays, folklore, and cultural traditions. Please note that St. Patrick’s Day is rooted in religion. The informative videos about the history of the holiday discuss its religious origin.

From CaliFam TV, this simple video uses animation and child-friendly narration to explain who St. Patrick was and why there’s a holiday in his honor. At just under three minutes, this video is perfect for the attention span of kindergartners.

Here’s another short, animated video about the origin of St. Patrick’s Day. This three-minute video from Little Fox – Kids Stories and Songs also tells a bit about symbols of the holiday.

This one-minute video from St. Patrick’s Festival Kilkenny simply shows clips and footage from a holiday parade in Kilkenny, Ireland. This video is a great way to help students make personal connections and learn about similarities and differences across cultures.

Expand your students’ world with this short video highlighting St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world. This video from Altair Global is only just over a minute long, and it does not include narration. If you pause the video for each scene (and have a globe at hand), you can give a little geography lesson while students learn about some fascinating traditions!

Here’s a fun little video from CBC Kids that isn’t explicitly about St. Patrick’s Day but will give your students a little taste of Irish culture. In this one-minute video, students will get to watch three young girls demonstrate Irish dancing.

St. Patrick’s Day Videos: Stories and Read-Alouds

Here are a few St. Patrick’s Day videos that you can use as part of your literacy instruction.

From Cool School, this “Super Drew” cartoon follows a kid superhero as he finds a leprechaun (and pot of gold) but then needs to use his magic pen to find a solution to a problem. This 10-minute video also includes a second story that is not related to St. Patrick’s Day, but does have to do with colors. (The two stories are connected by a rainbow theme.) These stories are great for spurring imagination and prompting creative writing and storytelling!

This sweet read-aloud of Eve Bunting’s Green Shamrocks (illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy) is presented by Storytime Anytime. This sweet St. Patrick’s Day picture book is out of print, so sharing it on video may be the only way to go (unless you can find it in the library). In this story, a rabbit works hard to grow shamrocks in preparation for a St. Patrick’s Day parade, but the pot goes missing at the last minute. This is a gentle story (and the video is only about five minutes long). It’s a nice way to integrate story elements (characters, setting, problem, solution) with holiday fun!

This read-aloud video from Happy Cultivated is a fun one. The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School (written by Laura Murray and illustrated by Mike Lowery) is a fun mashup of leprechaun legends and the Gingerbread Man story. If you have read Murray’s other Gingerbread Man stories to your class, this one will be particularly meaningful, but it can stand alone, as well. I like the ending twist in this leprechaun book—the Gingerbread Man manages to trap the leprechaun but sets him free as soon as the little green guy cleans up the messes he’s made throughout the school.

Considering a leprechaun trap project this March? This post has lots of tips and ideas for making it easy and memorable. (It also has a few more leprechaun books you might want to share with your class this season!)

Leprechaun Traps in the Kindergarten Classroom

St. Patrick’s Day Videos for Science

These St. Patrick’s Day videos capitalize on the excitement of that search for a pot of gold by giving students opportunities to learn about rainbows!

From SciShow Kids, this “How to Make a Rainbow” video shows how to do a simple rainbow experiment and teaches about the science behind rainbows.

After learning how rainbows are made with light, students might also enjoy this simple color-mixing experiment that is presented by Science Buddies. (The description for this video on YouTube includes a link to an experiment page with teaching tips, detailed instructions, and science concepts to focus on.)

St. Patrick’s Day Videos: Arts and Crafts Ideas

Here are a few St. Patrick’s Day videos to help you integrate visual arts into your days!

Students can help decorate the classroom for St. Patrick’s Day after following this simple shamrock directed drawing from Art for Kids Hub.

If you’d like a more complex drawing video, this one, also from Art for Kids Hub, shows students how to draw a cute cartoon leprechaun.

Here’s one more directed drawing of a leprechaun. This one turns into a multimedia art project with a watercolor rainbow background. From TAS Panthers, this video is at a nice pace and includes kid-friendly narration.

These bright and fun rainbow windsocks can stay up all spring (if you’re allowed to hang things in your classroom). From Easy Peasy and Fun, this how-to video demonstrates using a toilet paper tube, paper, and streamers to make a cheery windsock. I think you could use card stock to make the tubes if you don’t have a stash of them handy!

St. Patrick’s Day Videos: Music and Brain Breaks

This last set of St. Patrick’s Day videos includes some fun kids’ songs and movement opportunities—great for getting some energy out!

From Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel, this St. Patrick’s Day Dance and Freeze video will get kids giggling and moving. Jack Hartmann’s music and movement videos are excellent for helping students develop coordination, strength, and gross motor skills.

From PE with Mr G, this six-minute “Bluey’s Shamrock Run” exercise video requires focus and movement, making it a great brain break.

From The Kiboomers, this cute piggyback song uses the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot” to tell about a leprechaun. You might consider having your students choreograph motions to go along with this. You can also write the lyrics on chart paper and use it as part of a shared reading experience.

I hope this collection of St. Patrick’s Day videos will make your March a little easier!

Extend your St. Patrick’s Day fun and learning with this Leprechaun Trap Project. This set is designed to help you provide an age-appropriate (and easy) St. Patrick’s Day experience in your classroom. It includes an informative slideshow and other teaching materials. You can find it here in the website shop as well as on TPT. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️

Leprechaun Traps PowerPoint and Printables for St. Patrick's Day in Kindergarten

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