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Keeping Them Curious: Butterfly Edition

A butterfly unit in kindergarten seems to really resonate with the kids. I think this is partly because butterflies and caterpillars are familiar to young children, but most haven’t yet learned much about their fascinating life cycles. Kindergartners in springtime seem ready to just soak up butterfly facts! So, here I am with a butterfly edition of the “Keeping Them Curious” series! 🦋

This “Keeping Them Curious” series is designed to support your thematic teaching and help you inspire an inquisitive culture in your classroom.

In each issue, I will cover a theme by giving you some tidbits and trivia to share with your students and links to relevant resources from my site and across the web.

You can find the previous editions all in one spot over here so you can refer back as needed!

Keeping Them Curious: Butterfly Edition - Butterfly Facts and More

Did You Know? Butterfly Facts for Kids

Here are a few impressive butterfly facts you can use to pique the interest of your little caterpillars!

🦋 There are over 17,000 species of butterfly in the world! Travel writer Erik Gauger has shared his beautiful photographs of many species here on his blog, Notes From the Road.

🦋 A person who studies insects is an entomologist. One who specifically studies butterflies is a lepidopterist.

🦋 People have come up with lots of collective nouns for butterflies, including swarm, flutter, and burst, but one that is especially descriptive and unique is a “kaleidoscope of butterflies!”

🦋 Monarch butterflies of North America are unique in that they migrate thousands of miles to spend the winter in a warmer climate. Watch this fascinating video from PBS about wintering monarchs.

🦋 The scientific name for butterflies, Lepidoptera, comes from the Greek for “scaled wings.” This is because most butterflies’ wings are covered with scales. See some beautiful magnified photos of these scales here.

Be a Little Silly With a Butterfly Joke!

Simple jokes for kids are a great way to encourage students to explore the nuances of language! This butterfly joke provides an opportunity to introduce your students to a new figure of speech. I imagine you have a few social butterflies in your class!

Butterfly Joke for Kids" What happens to chatty caterpillars? They turn into social butterflies!

Blog Posts to Help With Your Butterfly Theme

Planning a butterfly theme? Here’s a curated collection of 30 butterfly videos to use in your classroom.

Butterfly Videos for Kindergarten

Integrate math and fine motor skills into your butterfly theme with this free pattern blocks symmetry activity. Read all about it in this post.

Butterfly Symmetry Activity for Kindergarten and First Grade - Pattern Blocks Puzzles

Taking a close look at life cycles? This post has lots of ideas to use with a life cycle theme—many of which are perfect for your butterfly unit!

art project, craft, and fine motor activity to support teaching about the life cycles of frogs, butterflies, and plants in kindergarten

More Resources for Your Butterfly Unit

This butterfly unit is packed full of insect learning and fun! Complete with an informational “All About Butterflies” PowerPoint, a butterfly craft, a hat/crown, and lots of printable materials, this set will turn your students into little entomologists. With eye-catching display materials, including headers for three anchor charts along with colorful vocabulary word posters and word wall cards, children will have what they need to read, talk, and write about butterflies. This unit teaches students about the butterfly life cycle, parts of a butterfly, interesting features of butterflies, and more! Find this butterfly unit on TPT or in the My Happy Place website shop!

a classroom screen with a photo of a monarch butterfly, a butterfly writing craft, a butterfly life cycle crown, and other informational butterfly printouts

If you’re looking for digital supplements to your butterfly theme, check out this set that is pre-loaded into both Seesaw and Google Slides. This little set includes an informational ebook along with four interactive slides. Printable versions of the slide activities are also included. Find these digital butterfly activities on TPT or in the My Happy Place website shop.

Digital Butterfly Activities for Kindergarten - Google Slides and Seesaw

This set of Caterpillar CVC Word Puzzles is a perfect way to incorporate your butterfly theme into your literacy centers! It allows students to practice segmenting and blending consonant-vowel-consonant words independently. These CVC puzzles can be differentiated, including recording sheets and answer cards for students to check their work. Check them out on TPT or here in the My Happy Place website shop.

caterpillar cvc words puzzles - kindergarten literacy center

Thanks for reading! As you teach through spring, you can find a similar post about frogs right here!

Keeping Them Curious is an email series for teachers who are passionate about actively engaging students in thematic learning. I’m posting the email content here for those who might like to have a place to revisit each theme. If you would like to receive this content by email, please let me know below!


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