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Ten Fun Videos for Valentine’s Day in Kindergarten

February is a busy month in kindergarten, with lots of topics and skills to cover. As I mentioned in this post about Finding Time for Valentine’s Day, it can be tricky to fit everything in! This collection of Valentine’s Day videos gives you a little bag of tricks to pull from when you have a few minutes to fill. Use these videos as brain breaks, indoor recess entertainment, party activities, and more!

Valentine's Day Videos for Kids - Kindergarten Valentine's Day Video Roundup

Choose from the collection below to give your little lovebugs the chance to build background knowledge about Valentine’s Day while experiencing the excitement of the season.

Valentine’s Day Videos for Kids

“Valentine’s Day Freeze” from Jack Hartmann is a fun movement song that will keep kids on their toes as they move their bodies and prepare to freeze at any moment. This video is perfect for a brain break in between activities that keep kids sitting and working.

Here’s another fun movement video—”Troll’s Valentine’s Run” by Phonics Man is a seven-minute Valentine’s Day P.E. video that will get kids’ heart rates up and their wiggles out as they follow instructions to run in place, duck, jump, and grab hearts. If you model using opposite hands to grab the hearts that appear on either side of the screen, you can also fit in some important midline-crossing!

From The Kiboomers, “The Valentine Activity Game” also gives kids some exercise to a catchy tune. This short video (under two minutes) is ideal for transitions throughout the day.

Super Simple Songs is one of my favorite channels for calming songs. This one, “Making a Card for My Valentine,” is a nice one to watch prior to your class Valentine’s Day party. This video, which describes the process of making and distributing Valentine’s Day cards at school, is a great way to set up your own procedures for this exciting process. You can also use it to introduce a card-making station as part of your center rotations.

Valentine’s Day Writing Center


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If you have some time to fill, this compilation from PBS Kids might fit the bill! With clips from Valentine’s Day episodes of various PBS children’s shows, this video is over 40 minutes long. If you have time between your Valentine’s Day party and dismissal while you are managing volunteers and clean-up, this could be a great way to let your over-stimulated students chill for a little while!

Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures is a sweet cartoon about traditional kindergarten experiences. In this Valentine’s Day episode, Betsy’s class learns about the postal system and how it works to deliver Valentine cards to loved ones. (This video includes two stories. The Valentine’s Day episode is the first one. In the second half, Betsy’s class learns about nutrition—another great topic to think about on a candy-heavy day! 😄)

Here’s another Valentine’s Day episode: “Happy Valentine’s Day, George!” In this 11-minute video, Curious George is challenged to come up with an efficient method for making Valentine’s Day cards for all of his friends. His solution involves ingenuity and a little geometry!

Add a little art into your Valentine’s Day celebration with this simple directed drawing video from Art for Kids Hub. In this video, students learn to draw a cute heart character. Created with preschool in mind, this “how to draw” video is paced appropriately for young children to minimize frustration.

Art for Kids Hub made another very simple Valentine’s Day drawing video. In this one, students learn to draw a cute Valentine’s Day ladybug.

Set to the tune of “B-I-N-G-O,” this “HEART” song by The Kiboomers is simple to learn and sing along with. Once students learn this song, you can use it as a circle-time song without the video. Consider writing the lyrics (which are in the video description) on chart paper to use in a shared writing activity.

I hope this collection of Valentine’s Day videos for kids helps you out this February! If you have favorites that I missed, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll add them to the post. 💕

For more engaging Valentine’s Day activities, check out My Happy Place on TPT, or click the images below to see resources in the website shop.

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