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30 Riveting Reindeer Videos for Kindergarten

Oh deer, December is already here! 🦌 Are you ready? A reindeer theme in your kindergarten classroom is a wonderful way to keep students focused and inquisitive as the holiday break approaches. Here’s a roundup of reindeer videos for kids to help complete your December theme! Like my other video roundups, this one is divided into categories to help you choose reindeer videos that make it easy to integrate your theme across the curriculum. You’ll find caribou and reindeer videos for teaching science, math, literacy, and art concepts, as well as some that are just for fun!

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reindeer videos for kids

When browsing reindeer videos for kids on YouTube, I wasn’t surprised that many were Christmas videos. While I know that many classrooms celebrate or recognize Christmas, many try to steer away from holidays or honor a variety of cultures and traditions.

To help you navigate this list quickly, I will put a Christmas tree icon (🎄) at the beginning of the descriptions of videos with a Christmas theme.

Reindeer Videos for Teaching Science

This section holds reindeer videos full of interesting facts about reindeer (or caribou). These nonfiction videos are great for leading into the building of anchor charts for informational reindeer writing!

SciShow Kids is a go-to for science videos, and it didn’t let me down here! In this 4-minute video, Jessi describes some of the very interesting features of reindeer in kid-friendly language and with clear imagery. I think SciShow Kids videos, which are fast-paced, are worth watching a couple of times. (This video does not reference Christmas. The glowing red nose in the thumbnail is taken from a part of the video about how a reindeer’s nose is adapted to the cold climate. It isn’t a Rudolph reference.)

Referenced in the previous video, this SciShow Kids video about animal migration has an interesting section about caribou migration. It also teaches about the migration habits of humpback whales and arctic terns.

🎄From Socratica Kids, this eight-and-a-half-minute reindeer video is full of fascinating information and clear photos and footage. This informational video references Santa a few times and gives a brief history of reindeer as part of Christmas legends and stories. Most of the video, though, is about reindeer features, adaptations, and habits.

In this video from “Facts for Kids,” a silly puppet gives viewers seven facts about caribou. Only the first four minutes of this video are about reindeer. There are two other segments following—about tarantulas and glitter.

This cute video from Brave Wilderness is about an orphaned baby reindeer. The host, Coyote Peterson, interacts with the calf gently and lovingly and tells viewers interesting facts about reindeer. This is a sweet and informative video. 🎄While I don’t consider this a Christmas video, the reindeer is named Blitzen. There is one reference to Santa, and the host wishes the viewers “Happy Holidays” at the end.

“Elementary Explorers” brings us another video that features people interacting with reindeer. The host family visits a reindeer ranch in Alaska and brings us lots of neat video footage and narration about the animals. Much like a virtual field trip, this video presents some interesting tidbits that aren’t included in other videos (for example, that domesticated reindeer have been bred over time to minimize the migration instinct). This video doesn’t reference Christmas themes.

This three-minute video from “Lily Units Learning” lists 24 facts about caribou. Each fact is included in print and audio narration and is accompanied by clear video footage. While this video contains a lot of information in a short period of time, the facts build on each other and flow nicely. This video does not reference Christmas.

From the same channel as the previous video, this one focuses on the parts of a caribou. Illustrated diagrams and video footage accompany fascinating facts about caribou and how their body parts are adapted to the tundra.

Here’s another informational caribou video that combines video footage with narration. From “Caribou English” this video is about four minutes long and does not reference Christmas.

Learning about reindeer? This informational unit includes an eye-catching PowerPoint and a bunch of printable material! Find it in the website shop below and here on TPT.

Reindeer Unit with PowerPoint


This “All About Reindeer” thematic unit includes materials to help you integrate learning about reindeer into science, social studies, literacy, and math in your primary classroom. You will download a zipped folder containing a PowerPoint File and a PDF.

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Reindeer Videos the Support Math Instruction

This next section includes a few reindeer videos that will help you integrate your theme into your math instruction.

This simple counting song goes from one to ten and then backward to one. This doesn’t reference Christmas other than that the reindeer are “flying high.”

🎄This Christmas-themed math song takes away a reindeer from the stable and adds it to Santa’s sleigh with each verse. You can use this song to talk about addition and subtraction within four. Using two-sided counters to represent each verse, you can demonstrate that there are always four reindeer, but there are different ways to represent the number four.

🎄This Christmas subitizing song from “Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching” has viewers count batteries to light up Rudolph’s nose. Children subitize or count quantities of batteries between five and twelve.

🎄Another Christmas song, this “Kiboomers” video counts the nine reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. This song helps students practice counting forward and backward.

🎄This catchy tune, “Nine Counting Rudolph,” is a good one for discussing the concept of “one more” and looking at the equation 8+1=9. The human singers in this otherwise animated video also teach the students hand motions to go along with the song.

For more reindeer math, check out this post for a simple, no-prep subitizing game. This is great for helping kindergarten students build their number sense during your reindeer theme!

an illustration of a girl holding up four fingers as she plays a kindergarten reindeer subitizing game

Reindeer Videos for Your Literacy Lessons

Here are some fun reindeer videos that you can use to support your literacy instruction!

This read-aloud video features the picture book The Walrus and the Caribou by Inuit author Maika Harper (illustrated by Marcus Cutler). Based on a traditional Inuit story, this book tells an origin story in which the walrus and the caribou are first created with impractical features that require a little switching around. You can find this picture book here on Amazon if you’d like to add it to your classroom library. (I would! It’s a fun one!) You can find more beautiful picture books by Indigenous authors in this post.

🎄In this read-aloud video, “Retro Read Along” shares Jan Brett’s beautiful book, The Wild Christmas Reindeer. The story is about a girl, Teeka, charged with preparing Santa’s wild reindeer for their Christmas job of pulling the sleigh. Teeka struggles until she learns the value of kindness and patience. Jan Brett’s illustrations are beautiful! If you’d like to purchase this book for your library, you can find it here on Amazon.

🎄The Littlest Reindeer by Brandi Dougherty (illustrated by Michelle Todd) is a Christmas book about a small reindeer wishing to be able to do the things big reindeer can do. With lessons on patience and friendship, this read-aloud is sweet and simple. You can find the physical book here on Amazon.

🎄Here’s a cute Christmas reindeer fingerplay. You can find the words here if you’d like to copy them onto chart paper for shared reading!

🎄From “Cool School,” this breakdown of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is lighthearted and fun. If your students will be singing the Rudolph song during the holiday season, this video will help them with the context and vocabulary.

Reindeer Videos with Art Ideas

Add some art to your unit with these directed drawing and craft reindeer videos!

From “Mix It Up Art,” this directed drawing video guides students on how to draw a cute winter reindeer wearing a scarf. After the drawing portion, this video leads into a wax resist oil pastel and watercolor portion. If you aren’t feeling that ambitious, you can just stop the video after the drawing portion and have the students color their reindeer.

This “Art for Kids Hub” directed drawing video is of a non-Christmassy realistic reindeer. It may be a little tricky for kindergartners, but it could be fun to complete with reading buddies or families at a holiday event!

🎄Here’s a preschool “Art Hub for Kids” directed drawing of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. This simple video is perfect for kids who get frustrated with more complicated drawing videos.

🎄One more from “Art for Kids Hub,” this Rudolph is a little more complicated than the preschool reindeer but simpler than the realistic reindeer.

🎄Here’s a cute handprint reindeer craft! While the version in the video is Rudolph, you could certainly use the same method to make a non-Christmassy reindeer.

More Reindeer Videos: Just for Fun!

This last set of reindeer videos is great to pull from when you need a brain break, a cool-down time for recess, or a little reward at the end of the day!

🎄Get kids up and moving with Jack Hartmann as they sing and dance The Reindeer Pokey! While the video version has a Christmas theme, you can sing and dance this song without a video at all, making it just about reindeer.

🎄This catchy reindeer song, “Reindeer Dance” by Linn Brown, is fun for students to move along with. Encourage them to make up movements to go along with the words!

🎄From “Itty Bitty Beats,” here’s another catchy and fast-paced Christmas reindeer song. The lyrics are displayed on screen throughout this video, lending a nice literacy element!

🎄This sing-along version of the traditional Christmas song, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” could be fun to play at a holiday party!

🎄”Reindeer on the Roof” is another catchy Christmas reindeer song!

This last video is so adorable! An animated short movie, this six-minute wordless film will have your kids transfixed! The story is of a fastidious reindeer who carefully shovels the snow around his house every day, only to have his work undone every night by a mysterious earthquake. The ending is so cute! This video, “Hey Deer” by Ors Barczy, does not mention Christmas.

For more reindeer fun, check out this Reindeer Games set on TPT or here in the website shop!

Reindeer Activities for Winter and Christmas Parties


Perfect for those hectic days before your holiday break, this Reindeer Games set includes a variety of engaging reindeer activities.

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I hope this collection of reindeer videos for kids will save you some time and help you plan your December. Thanks for reading! 🦌

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