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Spider Fine Motor Freebie

I’m very fond of October, both in the classroom and out. I love the cooler weather, the pumpkin treats, and the smell of cinnamon. I also love October themes in the classroom like pumpkins, bats, and spiders. I won’t go so far as to say that I love actual spiders (though I do appreciate their important role in the ecosystem), but I do love the looks of excitement children show when they encounter themes that really grab their interest—and spiders definitely do that for some children. So, in honor of October, I’ve made a special spider fine motor freebie to help your kindergarten students practice the numbers 1-20 while building their finger strength and dexterity.

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Teaching a spider theme? You’ll find interesting spider facts here, lots of teaching ideas in this “8 Engaging Activities for Your Spider Unit,” and a collection of spider videos in this “30 Splendid Spider Videos for Kindergarten” post!

Fine Motor & Math Practice Activities

These spider fine motor tasks cover the numbers 1-20 with two different activities. For the numbers 1-10, students place circular counters on task cards while counting. Then they write the total with a dry erase marker. One card is included for each of the numbers 1-10.

For the numbers 11-20, the cards include a tracing path beginning with the number one. Students follow the path with their marker while counting. When they reach the spider, they say and write the number that comes next. One card is included for each of the numbers 11-20.

Like all of my Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes, this set of free spider fine motor activities is designed to fit in pencil boxes and includes printable labels and visual instructions.

Accessing Your Spider Fine Motor Freebie

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Using Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes in Your Classroom

Are your students struggling with fine motor skills and independence in the classroom? Fine Motor Task Boxes might be the solution to your struggles! Perfect for morning tubs, early finishers, or busy boxes, these fine motor activities target the development of fine motor skills in preschool and kindergarten students while also fostering independence and excitement about school. Designed to be completed independently, these fine motor activities build finger strength, dexterity, and coordination while giving you time to take care of some of the many other tasks that demand your attention each day!

To prepare the My Happy Place Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes, you will need to gather pencil boxes and some common classroom manipulatives, print the labels and task cards, and assemble the boxes. This can be a lot of work upfront because the Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes Bundle includes over 100 activities, but once you have your fine motor activities set up, you’ll be prepared for years to come. In addition, many of the skill and seasonal sets have activities that are interchangeable, so you can replace one skill with another in the same box when your students are ready for something new. If you attach your laminated labels with Velcro dots, you can easily switch out activities (with the extras stored in zip-top bags) throughout the year!

images of fine motor task boxes

I hope you and your students enjoy your spider fine motor freebie and have a great October! Reach out with any questions—you can find me at susan@myhappyplaceteaching.com!

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