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30 Excellent Owl Videos for Kindergarten

Honestly, whooo doesn’t love owls? These birds somehow manage to embody wisdom, majesty, and cuteness all in one feathery package! If you’re planning an owl theme with your class, you’ll want to save this collection of owl videos. Like my other video round-ups, this one is divided into categories to help you choose owl videos that make it easy to integrate your theme across the curriculum. You’ll find owl videos for teaching science, math, literacy, and art concepts, as well as some that are just for fun. 🦉

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owl videos for kindergarten

Scroll on to see “owl” the videos you’ll need for your kindergarten class!

Owl Videos that Teach Science Concepts

This first set of owl videos is full of information that will answer your curious kiddos’ questions about these fascinating birds. These videos are great for adding info to your anchor charts and fueling informational writing!

This mini-documentary from Free School shares a bunch of basic information about owls—much like you would find in a nonfiction picture book. The info is paired with cool close-up footage and images of various owls in action.

This episode of SciShow Kids is all about owl senses! Kids will learn many interesting details about how owls see and hear and why they can turn their heads nearly all the way around. This is one of the most informative owl videos, but it’s pretty fast-paced. You may want to plan on watching it more than once!

This National Geographic Kids episode of Amazing Animals is all about the Spotted Owl. It’s a quick and info-packed episode laced with a little silliness. Kids will like the funny voiceovers for the owls. Dare I say, they’ll think it’s a “hoot?” 😂

This Socratica Kids video is a little longer—about eight minutes—and includes many facts and details about owls. Viewers are also challenged to look for the Socratica mascot (a cartoon owl) throughout the video, which adds a little extra interest!

Here’s another SciShow Kids owl episode! This one is about owl pellets and what owls eat. Jessi explains how owl pellets come about, and then she and Squeaks dissect owl pellets and examine their contents.

Speaking of owl pellets, in this episode of Mega Wow from PBS Kids, Katie and Donovan also dissect them. This video even shows slow-motion footage of an owl coughing up a pellet! This video is fairly interactive, with the host occasionally asking questions of the viewers.

From Dodo Kids, this video follows the rescue and rehabilitation of an owl with an injured wing. Kids will enjoy watching this owl re-learn to fly before being released back into the wild.

Here’s a full-length episode of Wild Kratts, “Snowy Owl Invasion,” which explores many features of owls. Amidst a fictional storyline, students will pick up new information and concepts about migration, animal territory, and owl diet.

Head over to PBS Kids to watch this next video: an episode of Molly of Denali called “Bird in Hand.” In this episode, Molly and her friend Tooey work to identify the species of an owl that they found. The episode ends with a Q&A with a wildlife rehabilitator about an injured Great Horn Owl. “Bird in Hand” is about 14 minutes long and begins at the 1-minute mark in the video. PBS Kids is also offering up a free lesson plan to use with this episode. You can find that here! (Clicking on the image below should take you to the video page on PBS Kids.)

opening credit image of Molly of Denali

Here’s a catchy and informational song all about owls from the Whizpops. Repetitive enough for children to catch on to the chorus and sing along, this also includes several bite-sized facts about owls.

Learning about owls? This informational unit includes an eye-catching PowerPoint and a bunch of printable material!

Bats and Owls Unit with PowerPoint


This “All About Bats and Owls” thematic unit includes an informational PowerPoint slideshow and printable materials to help you integrate learning about owls and bats into science, literacy, and math in your primary classroom. You will download a zipped folder containing a PowerPoint File and a PDF.

Read more…

Owl Videos that Teach Math Concepts

This section includes some owl videos that you can use to integrate your owl theme into your math instruction.

From Playsongs Publications, this first “Five Little Owls” song includes bright and eye-catching animation set to a catchy tune. Students will be exposed to the numbers one through five in this video, as well as the ordinal numbers first through fifth.

Santa Clarita Public Library has made this sweet “Five Little Owls” video. This one counts backward, with one owl leaving in each verse. This slow-paced song is perfect for building number sense and understanding of cardinality as well as setting the stage for subtraction.

From KinToons, this “Five Little Owls” song is a variation on “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” Kids will enjoy singing along, and you can use this for practice with counting back and beginning subtraction.

This version of “Five Little Owls” from Reading Rena is a fingerplay! She has included the words in the video description, so you can write this rhyme on chart paper to use it as a literacy and math tie-in!

Tired of “Five Little Owls” variations, yet? This is the last one! Hempstead Public Library published this flannel board rhyme and also included the words in the description. This rhyme counts up from one, whereas the previous version counts down from five. Adding on, taking away, counting, cardinality…lots of opportunities for math learning!

Moving on up! This calming song from DJC Kids is about “Ten Little Owls!”

This short and energetic video by Mister Maker reviews the shapes circle, triangle, square, and rectangle. There is a brief interlude in the middle where the viewers get a chance to guess what image is being slowly assembled by various circles. It ends up being a little owl scene! You might extend this video by having the children draw pictures of owls made out of circles.

Owl Videos that Support Literacy

Bring your owl theme into your literacy block with these owl videos that support literacy concepts!

This digital storybook by Little Fox – Kids Stories and Songs could also fit into the science section, as it is filled with owl information. It also uses simple sentences that are displayed on screen as they are narrated, giving this a nice literacy connection.

With audio from a 1970’s Scholastic record, this read-aloud from Arnold Lobel’s Owl at Home features the author himself reading “The Guest.” This is a sweet story of a fictional owl dealing with a winter weather disaster. It makes a great literature tie-in to your owl theme. You can find Owl at Home here on Amazon if you’d like to add it to your classroom library.

Owl Moon is a lovely picture book by Jane Yolen that is calm and peaceful. This read-aloud by Story Time with Owl would make a nice rest-time video. You can find the picture book here on Amazon.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell is another book you should definitely consider adding to your library (or checking out of your school’s library) because you’ll want to read it again and again! If you don’t have time to secure a copy to read aloud, here’s a nice video version. (I have a post with Owl Babies activities you can use along with this sweet picture book.)

Owl Babies Activities – Book Companion


This printable set of Owl Babies activities is designed to accompany the book Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. These read-aloud companion activities support comprehension, vocabulary development, and more!

Read more…

Owl Videos with Art Ideas

Arts and crafts add a lot of fun and room for creative expression to a thematic unit. Here are some owl videos with art project ideas.

If you’ve read any of my other thematic video posts, you know I’m a big fan of Art for Kids Hub! Here’s one of their directed drawing videos. I love how they explore creative coloring ideas at the end of this owl directed drawing video!

Here’s another how-to-draw-an-owl video from Art for Kids Hub. This one is specifically geared toward younger children, with the child artist being 4-year-old Olivia.

And because I know so many Squishmallow-loving children, I’m including this directed drawing of a Squishmallow-inspired owl. This video is by Draw So Cute and has a nice slow pace for kids to follow along (with occasional pausing).

For an easy and kindergarten-friendly craft, watch this owl paper bag puppet video from PBS Kids for Parents.

More Owl Videos: Just for Fun!

This last set of videos is great to pull from when you need a brain break, a cool-down time for recess, or a little reward at the end of the day!

About 10 minutes long, this video of “The Ten Most Beautiful Owls on Planet Earth” has narration that includes interesting facts, but the star of the show is the imagery. Putting this video on without the sound would give students something interesting to watch during rest time.

This owl song from Martin and Rose Family is easy to learn for singing along and incorporates colors.

From Sesame Street, John Legend and Hoots the Owl sing a song that will have you dancing in your seat! This is a fun and uplifting song about the joy of music. (For a little more Hoots musical fun, here’s a video of him playing with Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis.)

This cute compilation from The Pet Collective of “Adorable and Hilarious Owl Moments” is just that. Three minutes of pure cuteness!

In this three-minute video from The Mindful Scholar, Ozzy Owl introduces mindfulness to children by teaching a simple breathing exercise.

I hope this collection of owl videos for kindergarten helps you plan your owl theme! Head over to this post for some additional teaching ideas:

Owl Babies Activities: Photo of Owl Babies by Martin Waddell picture book with art activity

And take a look at these resources in my shop (or on TPT) that might make your planning easier!

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